16th World Congress on Art Deco: Miami

Yes I am heading back to Miami!!! I am honored to be asked back to lecture for this prestigious event! I’m also looking forward to reconnecting with some of the lovely people I met on my last trip in January. The Miami Design Preservation League, Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches and The International…

History of Design 1400-1900 by Bard Design in NYC

History of Design

Back in May of this year we were contacted by Heather MeCormick, Managing Editor of Textbook Projects at Bard Graduate Center in New York City. She and the  editor, Pat Kirkham found our website about Liu Jipiao. They were putting together a text book, History of Design – Decorative Arts and Material Culture, 1400-1900.

Liu Jipiao will be participating in Singapore's Heritage Weeks exhibit, "Lost Horizons: Art Deco Architecture of Singapore."

Lost Horizons: Art Deco Architecture of Singapore

We will be participating in an exhibit in Singapore! And since Gayook lived in Singapore for over 6 months, this exhibit is doubly exciting for her. It gives her a chance to share her father’s work with her Singaporean friends and family.

Westlake Music Hall 1929

Exciting News!

We have exciting news! This past week, our friend Jeff Cody returned from Paris where he picked up our first purchase of Liu’s work.  We find it fitting because about a year and a half ago we met Jeff at the Getty Institute, Los Angeles.

Temple Memorial

Lyon Library Research Results

Well we’ve been back for about a month now…has it really been that long?? We’ve been able to get back into the swing of things here in LA but we really miss Paris!  

1925 Paris Expo Chinese Display Entry designed by Liu Jipiao

Paris Bound!

So my family and I are Paris bound! I can’t believe that by the time you read this, we will be there. When we started researching Gong’s work (I call him Gong gong meaning “mother’s father”) we thought that eventually we should travel to Paris to research his life there, follow in his footsteps.  We…

Educational Pavilion designed by Liu Jipiao for the Westlake Expo 1929

Westlake 1929 to Shanghai Expo 2010

One of the first indications to us that my grandfather played a part in Chinese Modern Architecture was when we first met Kenneth Klein, Head of the USC East Asian Library and Lillian Yang a bibliographer that works closely with him.