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Well we’ve been back for about a month now…has it really been that long?? We’ve been able to get back into the swing of things here in LA but we really miss Paris!  Since we’ve been back we’ve met some more wonderful people who have been very helpful in guiding us through our next steps.  Unfortunately we did not get the grant from ACC but are looking in to other resources.  If anyone has any ideas about sources for funding to continue our search, please let us know.

But I’m going to backtrack a little and report some of the information we found in Lyon Municipal Library on our trip.  I was able to send a list of publications in which Liu Jipiao had published his articles, illustrations and designs.  And I was able to guess at other possible sources for information.  The librarian of the Chinese Section, M. Marc Gilbert, was incredibly helpful!  We also have to thank Xie Lingqiong for coming with us and being an integral part of this adventure.  We would not have found as much had she not agreed to come along, research and translate! Thank you Francesca Dal Lago for the introductions!

Here’s quick rundown of our Lyon Library research results.  We are not able to publish the images we took the library but we were fortunate enough to have some of the same photos and other sources that we can show you. (see gallery below)

We found a very large poster for the Strasbourg Expo 1924 that Liu illustrated.  The graphics and the main figure are very similar to many of his earlier works done during his time in Paris.

Lyon is also in possession of a letter that Liu wrote to the Lyon Art School, asking if the school received the funding that his city sent them.  This is exciting because now we have a link to Lyon where before we just knew he studied in Paris.

We also were able to view Danielle  Li’s family photos which she donated to the library.  She is the daughter of Li Shuhua and was an infant when the Hangzhou Academy of Arts was founded.  She is still alive and living in China.  We had some of the same photos that Liu Jipiao was in as well as some that we also possess!

Here’s a list of publications we found articles and illustrations!  It’s not a complete list but I think we found a good amount!  It’s very exciting and encouraging that we found so much.

Gongxian Magazine
Liu wrote several articles and illustrated a bunch of covers.  It’s a wonderful example of his art deco modern style!

  • Volume 2 No.2 / 1928/ “Go Ahead” Qian Jing” /Train/ Cover by Liu Jipiao
  • Volume 2 No 6 /1928/ “Ying Ying” /Sound of 2 Birds/ Cover by Liu Jipiao
  • Volume 3 No 4 / July 5 1928 /Graphics/ Cover by Liu Jipiao
  • Volume 3 No 6/ July 1928 /Special Edition of Liu Jipiao’s Work

Cover (building)
Temple Memorial-1608
National Library-1609
Business Building (In our Photo album) 1611
Pavillion Drunken Moon
Art Library Meishu tushuguan
Shopping Center – 1613
Village Modern no 5 (Villa) 1615
Ballroom Dance Hall – 1614
“Moon Dance” – 1616
Photo of Leaning Tower of Piza 1662
Photo of Leifeng ta Hangzhou 1661

Xun Fuxi “The Ripples on the Water Expands to Infinity”
Lin Wenzhen “Our Hopes Look Towards M. Liu”
Xia Kangnong “First Meeting with Liu Jipiao”
Liu Kaiqu “Artistic Architecture”
Li Puyuan “Responsibility for Beautifying Society is on You”
Liu Jipiao wrote:
Architecture Theories
Color and Ambiance
Tower Leifeng in Hangzhou (Leaning Tower of Piza)
Nanjing Reconstruction

  • Volume 4 No 5/October 15 1928 /4 Articles Signed as Mi Jia  (sometimes used as his pen name)
    • “A Parisien Model”
    • “Jia hua” – “Much Told Tale”
    • Camel’s Urine
    • Harmonious or Not Harmonious
  • Volume 4 No 9/ Nov 25 1928/
    • In Memorial for Soldiers for the North Expedition (West Lake) by Liu Jipiao
    • West Lake Entrance by Night of West Lake Expo.  By Liu Ji Piao and Li Zongkan
  • Volume 5 No 1/ January 25 1929
    • Article Translated by Liu Jipiao written by Wang Xi about Western Art

Eastern Miscellany
We were able to find the following articles:

  • Vol 21 no 16 / August 25 1924 /pp 30-36 /Article about Liu by Li Feng
    • First Chinese Art Exhibition of Chinese in Europe. Strasbourg Exhibition
  • Vol 24 no 24 /December 25 1927  / pp 81-84 /Article by Liu Jipiao
    • “How to Organize Chinese New Architecture”
  • Vol 27 No 2 / Jan 25  1930/ pp 133-139/ Article By Liu Jipiao
    • “Past Future of China Architecture”

Apollo Magazine
This is the official magazine of the Hangzhou National Academy of Arts

  • Volume #2 October 16 1928
  • Article “Presentation of a Palace in Venice (Ducale Palazzo)” by Liu Jipiao
  • Volume #4  November 16 1928
    • Review of the Play, “The Siegfried” by Ciraudoux by Liu Jipiao
    • Illustration: Entrance of Nanjing National Government (New Capitol)
    • Illustration: Corridor of Nanjing National Government (New Capitol)
  • Volume #6 1928
    • Illustration: Architectural Decoration
    • Illustration: Silk Design

Translation of  the Book, “Madame Juzi” by Pierre Loti
Cover Design by Liu Jipiao

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