By Liu

旅行杂志 Lyu Xing Travel Magazine Vol 3, #4 (Special Edition of Liu Jipiao)

China Traveler 1929

As most of you know, we have been searching for my grandfather’s published and original work. About 6 months ago someone kindly gave us the link to a Chinese Book Seller’s Website. We were able to purchase a copy of Eastern Miscellany that focused on the West Lake Expo of 1929. We had also found…

Westlake Music Hall 1929

Exciting News!

We have exciting news! This past week, our friend Jeff Cody returned from Paris where he picked up our first purchase of Liu’s work.  We find it fitting because about a year and a half ago we met Jeff at the Getty Institute, Los Angeles.

Liu learned the art of designing porcelain at a factory in jingdezhen.

Jingdezhen: Study of Porcelain Design

When Liu Jipiao was a young boy his family lived in Jingdezhen, Kangxi Province- the “Porcelain Capitol” of China.  According to my grandfather, he was fascinated by the process in which the famous porcelain pottery was produced.