Exciting News!

We have exciting news! This past week, our friend Jeff Cody returned from Paris where he picked up our first purchase of Liu’s work.  We find it fitting because about a year and a half ago we met Jeff at the Getty Institute, Los Angeles.

There we viewed the catalog for the Chinese Section of the Exposition Internationale Des Arts Decoratifs Et Industriels Modernes A Paris 1925.  (For more details of that meeting, click here.) It was the first piece of artwork that we had seen that predated Liu’s time in America.  Words don’t describe how ecstatic and stunned we were to be holding this bit of family history!  Well just this past Friday Jeff delivered that catalog to us!  Our first acquisition of Liu Jipiao’s work!  To see more photos of the catalog click here

Funny, that same week we received a copy of Eastern Miscellany’s Westlake Expo Issue, May 25, 1929.  Not only are there images of his renderings for the buildings Liu designed for the Westlake Expo in Hangzhou, China but there are also photos of the construction and finished product as well!  To see the magazine click here.

Our ultimate goal is to collect as many of these publications as possible.  So if anyone knows where we might find them or have any leads we would really appreciate your help!!

We are looking for the following magazines:

  • 旅行杂志 Lyu Xing – “Travel Magazine”
    • Vol. 3, Issue #4, 1929
  • 贡献 Gongxian – “Contribution”
    • Several volumes published in 1928
    • A special edition dedicated to Liu Jipiao, Vol. 3, Issue #6
  •  东方杂志 Eastern Miscellany
    • Various volumes published in 1924, 1927, 1929, 1930.
  • 良友 Liang You- “The Young Companion”
    • 1928, #32
    • 1929, #35 and #38
    • 1930, #43
    • 1931, #62


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