Shanghai Deco – Documentary Screening with Q&A

So this is a follow up to the lecture I gave last year at the China Society of SoCal. They are showing the documentary film that has footage from  the World Congress of Art Deco in Shanghai and some interview footage of my family. (We have not seen it yet) BUT we will be on…


Thank You China Society!

Last Monday, June 5th, I was honored to speak at the China Society of Southern California. I would like to thank Yvonne and Bob for all their support in my research about my grandfather. Thanks to Eugene for helping on the tech side!! I think I forgot to mention this durning the lecture but we…

In the Main Meeting Room of the China Academy of Art (formerly the Hangzhou National Academy of Art. Founded by Liu and Colleagues)

Jenn’s Triumphant Return!

It’s hard to believe that Jenn’s momentous journey to China is over and she is back home safe and sound. The month just flew by! This past week that she arrived back home has been a whirlwind of activity – unpacking, the excitement of hearing Jenn’s stories of her trip, seeing all the beautiful souvenirs…


Shanghai Daily News!

We got a write up in the Shanghai Daily News and it’s interesting that that out of all the wonderful lecturers, they only mentioned the Chinese ones (yes, including yours truly) It’s good to be in the majority 😉 It’s been a whirlwind here in China and I promise to post more stories and findings…

Talk on Nov 4, 2015

Jenn’s Presentation at the Art Deco World Congress

I apologize to any Chinese readers for being a proud mother. This is my American side surfacing. I finally got a chance to speak to Jenn about her presentation, although one of her friends from the L.A. Art Deco Society had already sent an email home:

Jenn and Gayook

Coming Full Circle – China!

Jenn has been busy preparing for her World Congress presentation these last several months, and the pace of getting ready to leave has stepped up exponentially these last few weeks. She’s been working on her PowerPoint presentation. Upon finishing it, and because I cannot be there, she gave me a special preview.


A Daughter’s Gratitude; A Mother’s Tribute!

Since Jenn let the cat out of the bag about her presenting at the World Congress on Art Deco in Shanghai in November, I won’t go into all the factual details. However, as a very proud mother, I am entitled to some bragging rights. (For the Chinese and our Ancestors, please excuse this American part…


Presenting at the World Congress on Art Deco in Shanghai!

We have exciting news! (Did the title gave it away?) Our family has been invited to present at the first World Congress on Art Deco to be held in Asia this November! Historic Shanghai will be hosting the event. They are Shanghai’s oldest historic society, founded in 1998 by Tess Johnston, William Patrick Cranley and Tina Kanagaratnam.

Liu Jipiao and Friends in Hangzhou

Sun Fuxi Rediscovered!

It’s THAT guy! I started researching Liu Jipiao’s life in 2011. Since then the image of one man kept reappearing throughout the pages. What caught my attention was that he was all different ages. So that meant he was with my grandfather for a long time.

Huntington Library San Marino CA. Professor Nancy Steinhardt lecture

Why So Few Gardens? Chinese Architecture, 1927–1977

If anyone is in the general vicinity of Pasadena, CA this coming Tuesday and have been following our blog, you may want to check out the lecture “Why So Few Gardens? Chinese Architecture, 1927–1977” at the Huntington Library.