Thank You China Society!

Last Monday, June 5th, I was honored to speak at the China Society of Southern California. I would like to thank Yvonne and Bob for all their support in my research about my grandfather. Thanks to Eugene for helping on the tech side!! I think I forgot to mention this durning the lecture but we were also celebrating my grandfather’s birthday (June 4th, 1900!)

I was so happy to share this night with so many of the people who I’ve met along the way on this journey! Thanks for coming out and encouraging and supporting me and my family!

I look forward to watching the Documentary Film “Shanghai Art Deco” in the Fall!

(More info to come…)

Robert Clark, a local architect sent this to the China Society:

This had to be one of the most spontaneous gatherings that I have listened to.   It was full of sparkle etc.  It brought out something that almost got lost. The granddaughter has no idea of what this is bringing out, the incredible knowledge of China’s culture and the influence of it into our century, not just here but into the world.   Liu Jipiao while in Paris was rubbing elbows with the world’s great 20th century architects, incredible.

I guess we’ll be seeing everyone again in October 2017.


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