Lecture At The China Society in June

When Jenn started to research my father, Liu Ji Piao’s, architectural work during the Art Deco period, we never thought that it would come to a point where others would also want to know about his legacy. Once again, Jenn has been invited to present her grandfather’s work,

Westlake Museum scroll

Jenn’s Queen Mary Presentation – A Proud Mother’s Perspective

I was saddened to have missed Jenn’s presentation last November at the Art Deco World Congress in Shanghai, especially since it was where I was born. You can imagine, then, how excited I was to be able to attend Jenn’s lecture on the Queen Mary this past Saturday, August 20th, at the 12th LA Art…

Liu and Gayook 1943


BaBa, I want to tell you about your great granddaughter, Cayden Elle.  Part of her Chinese name comes from MaMa, your beloved wife -Phong Yee, Phong meaning Phoenix., symbolizing new life rising from the ashes, a rebirth of our family lineage. Last Father’s Day, she was 6 months old, too young yet for her personality…

In the Main Meeting Room of the China Academy of Art (formerly the Hangzhou National Academy of Art. Founded by Liu and Colleagues)

Jenn’s Triumphant Return!

It’s hard to believe that Jenn’s momentous journey to China is over and she is back home safe and sound. The month just flew by! This past week that she arrived back home has been a whirlwind of activity – unpacking, the excitement of hearing Jenn’s stories of her trip, seeing all the beautiful souvenirs…

Talk on Nov 4, 2015

Jenn’s Presentation at the Art Deco World Congress

I apologize to any Chinese readers for being a proud mother. This is my American side surfacing. I finally got a chance to speak to Jenn about her presentation, although one of her friends from the L.A. Art Deco Society had already sent an email home:

Jenn and Gayook

Coming Full Circle – China!

Jenn has been busy preparing for her World Congress presentation these last several months, and the pace of getting ready to leave has stepped up exponentially these last few weeks. She’s been working on her PowerPoint presentation. Upon finishing it, and because I cannot be there, she gave me a special preview.

Gayook and Liu Paris Exhibit

The Gifts From My Father Keep Coming!

It seems that I’m always finding out new gifts my father gave me. The latest occurred in French class. I took French in high school and college, but hadn’t touched the subject in nearly 50 years. After my father’s art deco display at the Cite l’architecture et du patrimoine in October of 2013, my interest…

Painting in Jackson 500p

Another Gift From My Father

As a child, your father is simply your father. It isn’t until you’re grown, and sometimes not even while he is alive that you realize what gifts he’s passed down to you. I was no different. I always knew that my father was this talented artist.  When I was younger, and fathers are like gods,…

Liu and Gayook 1943

Growing Up With Racism in America

With all the racial violence that has erupted in the country these days, I find myself thinking more and more about growing up   Chinese in America. I learned very early on not to worry my parents about the racial abuse I faced on a daily basis. Somehow, I knew they had enough to deal with…

Matthew Wong at Paris Art Deco Exhibition with Liu Jipiao

My Son Matthew’s Birthday!

Tuesday, August 25th is my son, Matthew’s, birthday and he will be 46. I was wondering why Jenn asked if I wanted to write a blog for this particular birthday, and what it had to do with my father? Naturally, it is because Matthew became a father on December 28, 2014 to a lovely and lively…