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We Will Be Published!

On 09, Sep 2013 | 2 Comments | In About Liu, Family Story | By Jenn

Yes, we will be published!  The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) will be publishing a 2-page spread about my grandfather and our family’s story in their Fall Newsletter. Hopefully this will be the first of many opportunities to share our story! I’m honored that my family entrusted me to write it!

Back in April of this year, we had the pleasure of attending a dinner party at Dr. Jeff Cody’s (of the Getty Research Institute) house. There we met Philippe Peycam PhD, Director of IIAS in the Netherlands. He was in Los Angeles giving a lecture at USC on Vietnam. We enjoyed a couple extra days with him before he was off to New York City for another conference.  He had some wonderful ideas on where we could concentrate our research and was the one who started us thinking about  Taiwan.

He was kind enough to put us in touch with the editor of the IIAS Newsletter, Sonja Zweegers, suggesting that we write about my grandfather and get his story out there. He thought people would be interested in our story and maybe some could give us more ideas and contacts to further our research. We are grateful for both Philippe and Sonja’s help!

The Newsletter is a free academic quarterly, published by IIAS, an international institute affiliated with Leiden University located in the Netherlands. They have a readership of approximately 14,000 which includes both digital and hard copy subscribers. Each issue has 8,000 copies printed and distributed among subscribers and at conferences/workshops/seminars, etc. Their readers are an eclectic group of academics, students, publishers, policy makers and other interested parties.

This past week I went over the final proof for the article and it looks great! I will of course post it once it’s officially published in October.

We are very excited!


  1. Julia Andrews

    There was an oil portrait of the young Liu Jipiao published in black and white in the Shanghai pictorial magazine Liangyou (Young Companion). It was by his colleague at the National Academy in Hangzhou, the modernist oil painter Cai Weilian. She was the daughter of Cai Yuanpei, and married to one of Liu’s friends in France, Lin Wenzheng. Unfortunately she died during the war. The names in the magazine are all spelled in the conventions of that era.

    • Yes! I remember seeing it in my researching. I will look for it and post it on the site. Thank you!

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