Radio France International Interview

While we were in Paris we did a Radio France International interview. We met Laura our interviewer the first time we were in Paris for the INHA Architectural Exchange Conference. Due to scheduling we didn’t have time to meet up with her until our second visit.

We set up a phone interview. Because her audience is predominately Chinese she wanted to interview Mom in Mandarin.The only problem was that Gayook is not fluent in Mandarin but in Cantonese. So we ended up doing the interview in English with Laura doing the audio report in Mandarin. In the interview she talks about the Art Deco Exhibit as well as Liu Jipiao’s role in the Paris Expo 1925 and my mother’s feelings about his first exhibit in Paris.


Click here to read Radio France International Interview (English Translation)

Click here to read the article in Mandarin 

And for those of you who understand Mandarin here’s the audio of the interview.


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