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News on a personal note…I am excited because this week, my PET Scan results came back negative, so still cancer free! I am especially excited because this was the first PET Scan that didn’t show any signs of cancer at all. The last scan I took did, whereupon I had to undergo a follow up CT Scan. That also came up negative but there was always a  shadow of doubt in my mind whether or not I was truly in remission. This time, I am sure.

In many ways, I feel that the cancer  prevented me from returning to Singapore. Had I returned,  my children and I would have missed this amazing opportunity to discover our lineage together. And as Jenn had mentioned in a previous blog, I feel blessed that this journey has led me to know my father in a way I’d not known before.

So it is with great relief about my health, my family and I are once again preparing to go to Paris! If you recall, last time we were there, the curator at Cite de l’architecture et du patrimoine invited us to display my father’s work at their Art Deco, “Made in France” exhibition, 16 October.  My father is being featured as the Chinese Art Deco architect of the Paris Expo 1925. We are very excited to attend Liu Jipiao’s first major display since our family escaped from China in 1947, as well as his first major exhibit since Jennifer started researching his work.

As always, my family and I give great thanks to all those who have so generously supported us in this work. We are so grateful for their help, many of whom have become lifelong friends.

We are looking forward to meeting more people who are interested in this period of artistic and architectural growth. We hope to share my father’s story and his artistic vision, a blending of Eastern and Western ideas through exhibits as well as lectures at universities, museums, and other organizations.

We hope those who are in Paris in mid-October will come join us at the exhibit! And if you cannot, the exhibit will run until 17 February 2014.




Gayook (Liou) Wong

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