More Discoveries!

So the surprises continue…and more discoveries about Liu Jipiao 刘既漂!

  • Recently I had some articles translated by my wonderful friend Fuji who is was able to extend her stay in Paris an extra month and is hoping to be granted an internship in Taiwan this summer.  Fingers crossed for her!  From some of her translations we discovered that in 1921 Liu lived in Berlin for 6 months with Lin Fengmian and Lin Wenzheng.  He also traveled through Europe before returning to studies in Paris.
  • Last month we were contacted by a gentleman in the East Coast that had found our website. He has made it his lifetime hobby to compile as much he can about the Paris Expo of 1925. I was very happy to receive his email and had a lovely chat with him. He had some postcards from the China Section that I had never seen before but one of them had Liu’s name on it as architect! He even sent me a copy! He led me to a website that was selling the Catalog for the China Section that Liu designed. We have our first piece of art that predates Liu’s time in America!

This has been really exciting! It is one of the reasons we started the website. We wanted to find more people who would want to share information, photos and resources such as scholars writing their dissertations, enthusiastic researchers and  families like ours searching for their roots.  We truly welcome any feedback, stories and information you would like to share!  And if we can help you with anything we are more than happy to do so!

We are truly blessed by all the wonderful, generous people we have met this past couple years!


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  1. Sara Dornacker on June 25, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    Congratulations to Gayook, Jenn, and Matthew as you undertake this exploration of your revered patriarch Liu’s life and legacy. May people in China, France, Germany, and America continue to grow and flourish under the auspices of your family’s dedicated research of your roots! Sara Dornacker, new friend of Gayook Wong and Family!

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