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In Family Story

By Gayook

The Legacy Continues!

On 14, Jul 2014 | No Comments | In Family Story | By Gayook

The Legacy Continues! I am going to be a grandmother for the first time!  My son Matthew’s baby girl is due to make her debut at the end of December, beginning of January. Needless to say, the family is overjoyed and busily preparing for the new arrival. I am already knitting a layette set.

This new addition means even more in light of my father’s art. Over the past two years an ongoing subject in our conversations has been, “What will we do with Gong’s (grandfather in Chinese) work once none of us are  around?” The topic always saddened us to think that we may not have another generation to pass along his legacy and our lineage. I think, for me, I since I never knew my grandparents or extended family, I never had a sense of a heritage, a continuation of lineage. Having grown up in a foreign country with only my parents, I always struggled with the questions, “Who am I, and where do I belong?”

That is why knowing my father’s contribution to the modernization of China, even at this late stage of my life, has now given me the answers to where I’ve come from, where I belong, and, consequently, who I am. And, I’m excited that I get the opportunity to pass this along to my new granddaughter.

I can just see my father and mother smiling down on us, knowing that his work will live on through this baby. I wonder if she’ll be an artist. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!____

Gayook Wong, daughter of Liu Jipaio





Gayook (Liou) Wong

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