This is just a quick intermission before the craziness starts again in the next few months…

We’re excited about the Singapore Heritage Week Exhibit that is now going on and we encourage all our friends and family in Singapore to attend Dr. Julian Davison’s lecture on Art Deco Architecture in Singapore on August 3, 2013.

Meanwhile work is beginning on the Paris Art Deco Exhibit at the Cite d’Architecture, October 16, 2013 to February 17, 2014 ,Art Deco style Made in France“.

I recently had lunch with a friend of mine and we got to talking about this project (of course) but also about how exciting and important researching one’s roots can be.  I look  back over this past year and a half, watching my mother go through the reevaluation of who  her parents were and how it affected her life. It’s amazing to me how much the past affects our present, how we see ourselves and our family and the kind of person we become.

So I’m encouraging everyone reading this to talk to your grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents about your family history. Make a call this week. Take them out to lunch. They are a part of living history, your history. And I know sometimes it’s difficult for them to talk about their past. So see if you can find that balance between persistence and respect 🙂



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