Happy Birthday, Jenn!

Happy Birthday! I want to take time out from my father’s artwork to remember Jenn’s birthday which was this Sunday, November 3rd.

What a journey these last two years have been for our family! Who knew that when you started researching my father’s artwork almost 2 years ago that it would lead us back to Paris in a single year, and most likely back to China and Taiwan in the near future. Such memories we’ve made, all the wonderful new people we’ve met along the way, some becoming dear friends. The kindness of strangers gives us inspiration and hope in this chaotic world.

For you, Jenn, seeing it from a mother’s perspective, this research brings you back full circle to the journey you started in college. As an East Asian studies major, all your research and writing skills have resurfaced as you persistently followed through whatever leads showed up – academically and personal contacts. This journey for you reaffirms my belief that whatever one learns can always be used at some point later in life. And, this holds true for you.

Also, as your mother, I am so proud and heartened to see you doing work that you love to do, that you are rediscovering your passion for research, and that it should come through something as personal as your grandfather’s artwork. Who really knows how some things come to us!

So, Jenn, Happy Birthday and may next year bring more surprises as you continue to pursue our family legacy.

Love you much,





Gayook (Liou) Wong;

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