Happy 114th Birthday, BaBa!

Another year has gone by since I wrote about my father on his birthday on June 4th, 2013.
Happy 114th Birthday, BaBa!

If you have been following our blogs, you know that Jenn gave her first presentation on my father’s work at Smith College recently. In watching the video of her talk ,  she ended with what discovering his work has meant to her personally as well as to the family.

She and I had talked about how this research has impacted her, mainly about finding out about our roots, giving her a heritage for which she could be proud. But, I had never heard her express the sentiment that was most personal to her – that she was able to give me back my father, the one I never knew, a complete picture of the man he was.  I didn’t know  she felt this way until I watched the video.  Her words touched me deeply!

As I was thinking about what she said, especially during his birthday, I can’t think of a greater tribute to his memory than his eldest granddaughter giving his eldest daughter the father she never knew, until now. For me, it feels like a completion of sorts, for the first time, feeling whole, getting back a part of me that was lost.  And, for our family, it shows not only the  generational continuation of my father’s legacy, but what it means for us as we face the future.

Thank you, BaBa, for this legacy and Happy Birthday. We love you.




Gayook (Liou) Wong

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