A Friend Comes to Visit…

I was excited to have Fu Ji, a Chinese exchange student currently at Smith College, whom our family met last February in Paris at the INHA Architectural Exchange Conference come to Los Angeles for a few days to visit. She has been very helpful with translation and research for our family project. It was her and her mother who negotiated the sale of the 1929 China Traveler issues we recently purchased. I met Fu at the Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA) and had a nice stroll around the La Brea Tar Pits before descending on the row of food trucks for lunch. So many choices, so few meals 🙂 After lunch we went back home to talk about future plans and show her the 1929 China Traveller issues. We also had a chance to show her Liu Jipiao’s photo albums and original work since she had only seen pictures.

Fu is a student at Smith College, Northhampton, MA.  Recently, she received a grant to put on a student exhibit at her school and she asked me to come in the springtime and give a short lecture to coincide with an exhibit of Liu’s work! I’m hoping to extend my visit, travel down through Connecticut to my alma mater, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, meet with some of my professors, then head to New York City and visit my dad in New Jersey for his birthday.

We have  not made any plans yet but I hope I can continue my research at the Mansfield Freeman Center at Wesleyan as well as make more connections in New York City.  If anyone knows people that I should get in touch with in my travels to the East Coast, please let me know.


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