China Society of Southern California

Last year we discovered the China Society of Southern California and have been attending their dinner lectures with several of our friends whom we’ve come to know very well on this family journey of ours. Held in Downtown Chinatown, the lectures are informative, interesting the company is great and the food is good. They have had authors, artists and curators speak on their various specialties.

Yvonne, one of the organizers was in China this past fall and was kind enough to meet with one of our students in Shanghai who has been helping us with our research. We really appreciate all the help and support this group has extended to our family.

Every first Monday of the month The China Society of Southern California holds their dinner lectures. This upcoming one is January 6th and will feature Christina Yu Yu, Ph.D. the Assistant Curator in the Department of Korean and Chinese Art of Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her presentation is entitled:

Veneration of the Past: Ancestral Worship and Filial Piety

A fundamental value in Chinese society is the respect for ancestors, and by extension for history and its continuity. Veneration of the past influenced almost all forms of artistic expression in China, from architecture design to ceramic production. At the same time, xiao (filial piety) has been the most important value, uniting families and societies for thousands of years.

Please join us and the China Society for an evening of food for thought and food for eats 🙂

For more information about the group and to make reservations for dinner, please click here.

Hope to see you all there!

PS. Dr. Jeff Cody will be the presenter for the lecture in June 2014! More details closer to date.

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