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By Gayook

Birthday and Holiday Round Up…

On 25, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Gayook

I am remiss in blogging about Jenn’s birthday, not that I forgot her birthday – that would never happen!

The craziness in our family hasn’t stopped as we are transitioning to Matthew’s move out of the house to be with Mommy-to-be and the new baby.  This transition also includes Jenn taking over the management of Matthew’s soccer business – to leave him freer to deal with another new business and to take care of the child. As for me, I feel like I should move into Kaiser with all the consultations, tests and new medications I am now taking. This is not even including the cancer medication on which the oncologist is holding off until he sees how other health issues are under management.

We did have a wonderful celebration on Jenn’s birthday with family and two of her closest friends. It was a “pie” party – savory and sweet paired with soups. And, a surprise for Jenn. Matthew and Ellen planned it all, and never good at keeping secrets, I almost let the cat out of the bag several times. I did stop myself, however!

Things are moving again with my father’s artwork, several potential events coming up over the next two years. Also, several meetings with other key people in the art field. I apologize for being mysterious about this, but I will let Jennifer tell you about it once it all materializes.

Jenn may not have said so in the her last blog, but she is taking Chinese in order to be more entrenched in researching my father’s artwork. One does not only learn to speak, read and write with a language, one somehow absorbs the cultural as well as the psychical essence of that culture. I believe it will give her a better understanding of China during that period and also of my father’s spirit via his work. The spirit, or essence, of his work was who he was and, more importantly for Jenn, to realize what and how that’s been passed down to her.

This is her lineage, and I’m so proud of her taking the time and energy to explore this part of who she is.

Happy Birthday, Jenn.

Love much,  Mom

We wish everyone a wonderful, safe and joyful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!


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