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Dear Readers, I am excited to announce that I will finally be giving a lecture in NYC (well virtually in NYC) My grandfather lived in NYC in Yorktown (Upper Eastside) in the late 1940’s, early 1950’s and it’s always been the home of my heart. Please see below the Art Deco Society of New York’s “January Deco Doings”.

Jenn Wong

Liu Jipiao (刘既漂):
The Father of Chinese Art Deco (Online Event)

About the Program:

Join the Art Deco Society of New York and Jennifer Wong to explore the important Art Deco architectural legacy of her notable grandfather, Liu Jipiao. In this dynamic online event Jennifer will give her personal account of her impressive grandfather and his

  • Studies as a young man in Paris during the 1920s
  • Chinese-and-Deco fused architectural designs
  • Contributions to the 1925 Paris Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes 
  • Involvement in the establishment of one of the first modernist art schools in China
  • Passionate work in rebuilding and strengthening China

In addition, we will also get Jennifer’s insider view on why Liu Jipiao is known as the “Father of Chinese Art Deco,” and explore how his life changed after fleeing China in 1947 to America.

While we explore the life and work of Liu Jipiao in this web-based event, we will get a fascinating look into how China’s response to domestic and international crises gave birth to a new generation of Chinese artists while Paris was spinning into the Roaring Twenties. We’ll see how these new artists were unified by the ideology to learn from the West and develop a new art. In this program Jennifer will give us a glimpse of the arrival of the first wave of the Chinese artists to Paris in the 1920s and show us how they encountered Western art.

Scholars have only recently begun to rediscover Chinese architect Liu Jipiao, and you won’t want to miss this special event exploring the importance he played in our favorite era!

Even though this program is online, it will include a live PowerPoint––with wonderful images that you will be able to see directly on your computer screen, tablet, or mobile device––as well as a moderated Q&A session with participants. 

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  1. Jonah paxton on January 29, 2022 at 7:39 pm

    Hi cousin Jenn
    This is jonah. (Gaylon’s son)
    I’m glad I got to see your presentation on zoom.
    It filled in a few holes from stories that my mom would tell of grandpa. Also, I have chickens in the country and they do not make any money but give wonderful eggs.
    Feel free to contact me at my email.

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