Pay It Forward!

I have mentioned in past blogs that my family and I are so grateful for all the generous help we’ve received in connection with our search for my father, Liu Jipiao’s, art work. These past two weeks we have been given the privilege to “pay it forward”, to help others move towards realizing their dreams. And, I find myself equally grateful to be able to give as well as receive.

Recently we were given the opportunity to help a couple of people who have helped us research my father’s life. These two young Chinese art history students needed to, one, find a faculty advisor in architecture and design for his PhD studies in the U.S., and the other is looking for a research/curator internship in the U.S. We immediately thought of contacting Miller and Jetty Fong,  both whom we have mentioned at other times as becoming good friends via our research. Miller, is an architect/designer and college professor in the architectural department of University of Southern California (USC), and Jetty, is a  past board member of Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, CA. They readily agreed to help. Coincidentally, USC and PAC just recently merged this November.

Jetty informed us that, with this recent merger between PAC and USC, one of their main goals is to increase foreign exchange studies between Asia and the United States. I thought, “Perfect timing”!

To read more about the merger, please click link below:!/article/57347/usc-and-pasadenas-pacific-asia-museum-to-form-alliance/



Gayook (Liou) Wong

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