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2015 June

Remembering My Father

On 23, Jun 2015 | One Comment | In About Liu, America, Family Story | By Gayook

I’ve already mentioned in other blogs that, before Jenn discovered my father’s place in Chinese history, I knew him only as a broken man, depressed and distant. It not only saddened me throughout my childhood, I believed he didn’t love me. What I finally understood with this new information was that it had nothing to do with me. Read more…



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In China
Family Story

By Gayook

A Daughter’s Gratitude; A Mother’s Tribute!

On 08, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In China, Family Story | By Gayook

Since Jenn let the cat out of the bag about her presenting at the World Congress on Art Deco in Shanghai in November, I won’t go into all the factual details. However, as a very proud mother, I am entitled to some bragging rights. (For the Chinese and our Ancestors, please excuse this American part of me!) Read more…