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2014 March



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In Family Story

By Jenn

Happy Birthday Mom!

On 29, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Family Story | By Jenn

I’m sitting at my computer just wanting to go back to sleep. I’ve been pretty sick this past week. I was going to let the blog go and take a nap but then I realized that Gayook’s birthday is this Tuesday the 25th and I couldn’t let that go by without some sort of acknowledgement to her life and what she means to me. Read more…



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In America
Family Story

By Gayook

Jennifer’s First Official Lecture!

On 17, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In America, Family Story | By Gayook

Jenn wrote about her first official lecture at Smith College in Massachusetts in April. I’m very excited for her, as this is not only her first official presentation of my father’s work, it is also the first time she will be doing this without the rest of the family tagging along.

My baby is leaving the nest! Again! Read more…

Sorry For Our Absence…

On 10, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Architecture, Family Story | By Jenn

Sorry for our absence last week! I was having  our website moved to a new hosting site. blah, blah, blah! Anyway things are up and running again and life goes on.  A couple weeks ago I went to hear Professor Nancy Steinhardt speak at the Huntington Library. She spoke of four architects who studied at UPenn in the 1920’s and returned to China in 1928. She told me Liu Jipiao would have known all of them! Read more…