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Liu Jipiao

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Jennifer, Matthew and Gayook Wong


Jenn’s Queen Mary Presentation – A Proud Mother’s Perspective

24th August 2016 by Gayook

I was saddened to have missed Jenn’s presentation last November at the Art Deco World Congress in Shanghai, especially since it was where I was born. You can imagine, then, how excited I was to be able to attend Jenn’s lecture on the Queen Mary this past Saturday, August 20th, at the 12th LA Art Deco Festival. And, our whole family attended – my son, Matthew, his baby girl, Cayden, and her mother, Ellen. Read more…

Lecture On the Queen Mary, August 20th!

18th July 2016 by Jenn

I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking on the Queen Mary this year for the 12th Annual Art Deco Festival, August 19th-21st! I am scheduled on Saturday, August 20th at 10am. I will be talking about maternal grandfather Liu Jipiao and his work in Paris and China! I am so excited to be once again telling his story.  Read more…


21st June 2016 by Gayook


I want to tell you about your great granddaughter, Cayden Elle.  Part of her Chinese name comes from MaMa, your beloved wife -Phong Yee, Phong meaning Phoenix., symbolizing new life rising from the ashes, a rebirth of our family lineage. Last Father’s Day, she was 6 months old, too young yet for her personality to show. Read more…